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The 2012’s Biggest Sleuths in Our Privacy Revealed!

17. 1. 2013 | 16:12

The results of the eighth year of the contest for sleuths searching our private affairs, Big Brother Awards for 2012, were announced on January 16 in the Atlas cinema at a festive occasion organised, as the tradition has been, by Iuridicum Remedium civil association. The seven jurors – experts in new technologies, lawyers, human right champions and journalists chose the winners from amongst the nominees sent up by the general public.

The english translation of the Czech Constitutional Court decision on Data Retention

26. 4. 2011 | 15:40

Provisions of the Act on Electronic Communications and on Amendment to Certain Related Acts (Electronic Communications Act) No. 127/2005 Coll., as amended, Section 97, Subsections 3 and 4 of, and Decree No. 485/2005 Coll. on the Extend of Traffic and Location Data, the Time of Retention Thereof and the Form and Method of the Transmission Thereof to Bodies Authorised to Use such Data, shall be repealed as of the day of promulgation of this judgment in the Collection of Laws.


PressTV, 19th April: EU criticized over data retention

26. 4. 2011 | 14:06

In Europe, the police have the right to know who you're on the phone with and when. Storing the personal phone and email data of European Union citizens has been the law for the past five years. Officials say the move is necessary to investigate serious crimes. This practice was spearheaded by the so-called Data Retention Directive of the European Commission. In a newly released report assessing the effectiveness of storing personal data, the Commission insists that it's useful.

Constitutional Court: Spying on Communication Declared Unconstitutional

31. 3. 2011 | 19:24

An ongoing campaign by the civic rights organisation Iuridicum Remedium (IuRe) aimed against public spying on everyday communication resulted in a considerable success. In its today´s session, the Constitutional Court announced its decision to repeal legislation according to which records of e-mails, phone calls, SMS as well as websites accesses of every citizen should be retained for a time period of six months as a matter of precaution.

Czechposition.com: Prague’s Opencard open to electronic pickpocketing?

5. 1. 2011 | 15:28

Apart from the ‘Big Brother’ aspect, some cards and passports using RFID chips are open to electronic snooping, copying and data theft. When the Czech Republic introduced a new generation of passport incorporating RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology back in September 2006, privacy advocacy groups opposed to the “biometric” personal identification systems screamed bloody murder.

Read more at http://www.ceskapozice.cz/en/business/companies/prague%E2%80%99s-opencar...

ČTK, 10. 11. 2010: Police receive mock award for violating privacy

11. 11. 2010 | 16:49

The Czech police received the 2010 Big Brother mock award for violating people's privacy, the contest's organiser Iuridicum Remedium NGO announced yesterday. Other mock awards, which have been presented for the sixth year in a row, went to the Facebook social network, the Interior Ministry and the European Union. The police became this year's worst snooper for "their serious and long-term interference in people's privacy, mainly for archiving photographs of cars and its drivers from camera-monitoring systems," the organiser said.

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