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Prague will anonymise RFID city cards

1. 8. 2006 | 12:42

Prague Deputy Mayor announced that following the presure of EDRI-member Iuridicum Remedium and the interpellation of the member of city parliament Petra Kolinska (Green Party) the city authorities decided that RFID chips in newly issued city cards will no longer contain personal data.

Big Brother Awards presented in 4 countries

3. 11. 2005 | 14:15

The sixth edition of Swiss Big Brother Awards ceremony was held in Zurich`s Rote Fabrik on 29 October 2005. The Swiss jury received 100 nominations in four categories: government, business, workplace and the special life-time achievement award. The financial services branch of Swiss Post, Postfinance, was awarded the business award for the illegal transfer of bank transaction data to the United States. The transfer became apparent after a Swiss man tried to transfer an amount in US dollars to a Cuban travel agency based in Switzerland. Both bank accounts were registered in Zurich.

EDRI welcomes 5 new members

10. 8. 2005 | 13:07

At the EDRI general assembly of 7 August 2005 in Berlin, Germany, EDRI has welcomed 5 new members. FoeBuD from Germany organises the Big Brother Awards in Germany and is well-known for its expertise in RFID. Greennet, an independent ISP in the UK, is part of the APC network and has built up a reputation as campaigner for privacy and human rights on the Internet.

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